It makes the steps of creation simple as it teaches players how to balance conflicting targets and learn the strategies of decision-making that can make a difference in the world. Using cards and a map, it is a fun and challenging way to learn about enterprise, science and life.


Based on Buddhist meditation

European trademark pending. Software download in development. The game is accredited for use in Key Stage 3 Design & Technology classes at UK schools. The PRIZM Innovation Map, which accompanies this game is based on Buddhist meditation and Russian problem-solving tools.


It is arguably one of the world's fastest, most systematic way to understand the arrow of innovation and is used as a project orientation and coaching tool in Aerospace Engineering Design.



The PRIZM Game

The PRIZM game is the result of many years multi-disciplinary research. It combines data from millions of years of evolution, with everything engineers know about design, and the essence of all 110 creative thinking systems in the world today.


Day 3
Afternoon: Creativity and Problem Solving