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Neuroscientific and Psychological Perspectives

The lectures and discussions will focus on neuroscience and psychology, those scientific disciplines where most of the empirical research at the intersection between Buddhism and Science takes place.

Questions that will be addressed include: What happens in the brain during and as a result of meditation? Does Buddhist meditation really make you happy? Furthermore, theoretical concepts that attempt to integrate western and Buddhist conceptions of development and well-being will be discussed.


Peter Malinowski

Dr. Malinowski is Senior Lecturer in Psychology within the Faculty of Science (School of Psychology) at Liverpool John Moores University. His main expertise lies in the area of Cognitive Neuroscience and the emergent field of Psychology and Buddhism, which he teaches at undergraduate as well as Masters level.

His research focuses on the neuroscience of selective visual attention as well as the psychological and physiological effects of meditation practice.



Day 4
Buddhism and Science

In recent years the encounter between Buddhism and the empirical sciences has gained more and more momentum.