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Part One. Engineering, Buddhism and the Arrow of Innovation

This talk presents the world's first generic model for systematic innovation. The two most powerful components of the model come from the Russian 'Theory of Inventive Problem-Solving' [TRIZ] and the structure of Buddhist meditation. Coupled with a synthesis of 110 tools for inventing, these old and unusual sources allow us to see what it is we already do well, and do it better. The model has been applied in Aerospace engineering design, where it is proven to aid project orientation and structure teamwork, as well as to aid patent development.


Anja-Karina Pahl

Anja-Karina Pahl (BSc. MSc.) has been working with Airbus GmbH since April 2006, developing a Systematic Innovation Training Programme for all their European sites. The framework of this was published during her time as Research Officer at the University of Bath, UK. 

She has developed successful Masters and Executive development programmes on Innovation for Universities in various countries. She remains a Visiting Researcher at the University of Bath. 



Day 5
Buddhism into the 21st Century – Part One

What is it exactly, that people do, when they make innovations that change the world?