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Introduction to its History and Practice

Dr. Scherer will outline the basic teachings of early Buddhism and elaborate on the various academic perspectives offered in Religious Studies. The course will then explain the historical developments, textual materials and practical dimensions of the manifold forms of Buddhism through the ages.

Burkhard Scherer

Dr. Scherer is Senior Lecturer for the Study of Religions at Canterbury CC University, where he teaches in the


areas of World Religions, Indian Traditions, Eastern Philosophy and Tibetan Buddhism. 

As philologian and historian of religions, Dr. Scherer has a strong interest in the Classical, the Indian and Tibetan religious traditions. Apart from the narrative dimension of religions, his particular focus is on Buddhism: Buddhist Philosophy, Tantra, and Indo-Tibetan Mahamudra.

Apart from his academic publications, he is the author of several comprehensive introductions to Buddhism, which have been translated into various languages.



Day 1
Buddhism Through the Ages

The first day will offer a broad introduction to Buddhism.